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All Services     60min/$125     90min/$170     120min/$215

If you are new to bodywork and not sure what you may like, we can discuss your needs upon arrival and create a customized session. 

THE SIGNATURE SESSION (Renew)-  This popular session is a sure way to achieve total body rejuvenation.  A variety of techniques will be used to restore your body and spirit to a place of peace and optimal function. Benefits include pain relief, stress relief, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, body acceptance/positivity and an overall sense of well-being.  Blend of styles- Classic Flow, Swedish, Deep Tissue (upon request), Esalen, Restorative Stretch + Breathwork (10mins), Aromatherapy.  

THE FRIEDMAN  (Relax/Nurture)-  When the world is loud and you long for peace- it's time for that self-care check in. This classic restorative session incorporates soothing bodywork enveloped in nurturing rituals, such as our warm blanket "walk down” and our cranial sacral head massage. You will be tenderly treated and adorned to restoration.  Blend of styles - Classic Flow, Swedish, Esalen, Meta (Loving-Kindness), Aromatherapy.  

THE BUSY BEE  (Recharge/Maintenance) Here we will incorporate light stretching and deep breath work to center you and open your body fully. Then we will go into a more rigorous (yet relaxing) bodywork to stimulate stagnant energy and return your temple to optimum performance.  Benefits include pain relief, ease of tension, faster recovery, reduced fatigue, and reduced sports injuries.  Blend of styles - Classic Flow, Deep Tissue, Restorative Stretch + Breathwork, Aromatherapy. 

THE DIVINE (Inspire/Ignite)-  Sometimes we get caught up, both men and women, with an imbalance of masculine energy. And while absolutely perfect in its necessity, it’s essential to cultivate feminine energy for harmony in our life! One of the most healing vibrations come from feminine energy. In this session you will be treated to some of the most powerful balancing characteristics to recharge that rightbrain/yin function... feeling/as opposed to doing, emotion/as opposed to logic, and flow/as opposed to drive. Blend of styles - Classic Flow, Swedish, Esalen, Meta (Loving-Kindness), Aromatherapy.